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July 28, 2014
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Itron Selects Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Solution

Itron Selects Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing Solution

Itron, Inc. has announced plans to use Microsoft Azure as the company’s preferred cloud platform for Itron Analytics. The storage technology and infrastructure platform will provide a secure, reliable, and cost-effective option for hosting Itron’s analytic application designed to “assess the value” of data generated by utility smart grid and smart distribution investments.

With Microsoft Azure, Itron will have access to scalable and durable cloud storage, backup, and recovery capabilities. Itron reports Microsoft Azure is designed to maintain the infrastructure and performs routine maintenance, patching, load balancing, and health monitoring. “This will allow Itron and its customers to focus on running Itron Analytics rather than upgrading and maintaining hardware.”

Itron Analytics can be installed locally, run by the utility in the cloud environment, or operated and managed by Itron.

Jeff Carkhuff, Itron’s vice president of global product management for electricity explains, “With Microsoft Azure, Itron can provide even better and faster service to our customers, accelerating the deployment of Itron Analytics while reducing costs. We look forward to benefiting from the expertise of our partner and a world leader in cloud services as we work with our customers to better manage energy and water resources.”

Microsoft’s managing director of worldwide utilities industry Jon Arnold adds: “Microsoft is pleased to expand our strategic partnership with Itron as it utilizes Microsoft Azure to better serve its customers. By selecting Microsoft Azure as Itron’s platform for cloud analytics, customers will gain access to massive computing power across a global network of datacenters to run the most complex analytics that utilities need on a secure, scalable, and cost-effective platform that will provide greater value and increased efficiency to Itron and its customers.”

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July 28, 2014
by admin
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July 27, 2014
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Australian Ecommerce Host Anchor Readies New OpenStack Managed Cloud

  • by Liam Eagle on October 1, 2012

    October 1, 2012 — Cloud hosting provider Atlantic.Net has upgraded to offer InfiniBand cloud hosting, adding to the network infrastructure surrounding its cloud hosting with high-performance InfiniBand technology, according to an announcement issued by the supplier of that networking technology, Mellanox Technologies. Read More

  • July 27, 2014
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    Rackspace Flips The On Switch For OnMetal Instances


    A month ago, Rackspace Hosting previewed its OnMetal bare metal servers, which are configured quickly and sold with utility-style pricing like its virtual machine instances. Now Rackspace is ready to sell OnMetal capacity and believes it can offer a compelling performance and price/performance advantage compared to other clouds that run atop hypervisors.

    As EnterpriseTech explained when the OnMetal service was introduced back in June, there are some workloads that simply do not perform well in a virtualized environment. NoSQL databases, for one, are particularly sensitive to latency, as Rackspace found out with its own MongoDB service and as news aggregator and early Hewlett-Packard Moonshot adopter InkaBinka explained to us recently when it talked about moving its workload, which is back-ended by Couchbase. On virtualized machines running out on the public cloud, the unpredictability of latencies between nodes is an issue and leads to overall unpredictability of the overall application. There are many other applications – particularly distributed analytics and simulation applications – that run across many nodes and that are often tuned to a specific hardware configuration to get maximum performance and, importantly, predictable performance because there is no other workload running virtually on the machine that can adversely affect these workloads.

    To get around this issue, Google uses more lightweight containers to encapsulate workloads and make them behave well alongside each other on a single server node, and a number of cloud providers are getting in line behind the Docker container and application packaging system and will no doubt offer similar capabilities as this technology matures. Rackspace may yet someday offer cloudy slices based on Docker or raw LXC Linux containers, but for now, it is bare metal or a full-on XenServer virtual machine. Of the major public clouds, SoftLayer, now part of IBM, was the first to offer bare metal servers and has a big piece of its business driven by this service. Google Compute Engine, Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services do not offer bare metal server slices on their public clouds. Yet.

    The OnMetal service runs atop modified versions of the three-node server enclosures that were originally created by Facebook and which have been tweaked by Rackspace for its own use. The service uses the Ironic bare metal plug-in for the OpenStack cloud controller to provision the iron, and Rackspace has done a lot of work with the OpenStack community to get this tool up to speed.

    The OnMetal service comes with three different server configurations, and their pricing is shown below:


    In a blog posted by Ev Kontsevoy, the Rackspace product manager behind the OnMetal service, the pricing for the three different configurations was divulged for the first time. As it turns out, Rackspace is going to bill for OnMetal slices on a per-minute basis, not monthly or hourly, although the pricing above shows the monthly billing for each bare metal server type based on an average of 438,000 minutes per month. And to be further helpful, Kontsevoy went into the Cloud Servers online discount calculator and estimated what the street price for each OnMetal instance might be. Rackspace has volume discounts built into its pricing, and they go deeper if you prepay for capacity and deeper still as you commit to longer term usage of the capacity. The discounts start as low as 2 percent for a six-month commitment with no prepayment to 37 percent off with a 36 month commitment with prepayment. The discounts shown are roughly a third off the list price.

    As promised, Rackspace is offering three different OnMetal configurations, and obviously it is not possible to offer the wide variety of core, memory, and I/O options that is possible with virtualized infrastructure. These are named onmetal-compute1, onmetal-memory1, and onmetal-io1. The I/O configuration of the OnMetal service is actually pretty beefy on the compute and memory as well as having a pair of LSI Nytro WarpDrive PCI-Express flash cards to give it very high I/O operations per second. To be specific, with 256 KB files, this flash card has a read bandwidth of 2 GB/sec and a write bandwidth of 1 GB/sec. The read IOPS using 8 KB files is 185,000 and writes come in at 120,000. These Nytro cards have a street price of around $15,000 or so each and must represent the bulk of the hardware cost of the onmetal-io1 setups, far outweighing the expense of the processors and memory.

    To give some sort of competitive analysis for the OnMetal instances, Rackspace ran a bunch of rudimentary benchmarks on the OnMetal instances. On the SysBench CPU benchmark, which gauges how long it takes to complete 10,000 instances of calculating all prime numbers from 3 to 128,000. (Yes, I know 128,000 is not a prime number.) On the SysBench test, the onmetal-compute1 instance ran the SysBench test about 15 percent faster than an AWS c3-4xlarge instance, which has sixteen virtual cores, 30 GB of memory, and two 160 GB solid state drives. (Notice how Rackspace is going for the expensive, more capacious, and higher-performing PCI-Express flash card while AWS is going with the lower capacity and presumably cheaper SSDs.)


    If you do the price/performance analysis on this rudimentary test (which Rackspace did not do for some mysterious reason, which is why you keep me around). At the $550 list price for the onmetal-compute1 instance, this Rackspace setup gives about 21 percent better bang for the buck than the AWS c3-4xlarge instance, which costs around $605 for a month at 84 cents per hour. If you want to be generous and compare the discounted price for Rackspace, you have to do the same for AWS.

    On the UnixBench test, which is a system-level benchmark running a variety of ancient generic integer and floating point tests as well as other tests to stress for file transfers, graphics, and operating system function calls, the OnMetal bare metal compute configuration was rated nearly twice as high as the AWS c3-4xlarge instance, and it offered better than twice the bang for the buck as the AWS instance as well if you do the math.

    Finally, on a PostgreSQL Pgbench benchmark test, which is a transaction processing load, the onmetal-io1 instance was able to process around 15,500 transactions per second, compared to around 5,500 transactions per second for a Performance Cloud Server 2-120 configuration. That latter virtual server setup, which runs on XenServer, has 120 GB of virtual memory, 32 virtual CPUs, a 40 GB SSD for the operating system and system software, and four 300 GB SSDs for data. It costs $3.84 per hour for the capacity not including managed infrastructure or managed operations services. That works out to $2,800 for the Performance Server setup for a month, or about 50 cents per TPS on this PostgreSQL test. The OnMetal I/O instance costs 12 cents per TPS, which is less than one quarter the price per unit of work.

    Editor in Chief, EnterpriseTech

    Prickett Morgan brings 25 years of experience as a publisher, IT industry analyst, editor, and journalist for some of the world’s most widely-read high-tech and business publications including The Register, BusinessWeek, Midrange Computing, IT Jungle, Unigram, The Four Hundred, ComputerWire, Computer Business Review, Computer System News and IBM Systems User.

    July 27, 2014
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    ResellerClub Launches 1 Month Free Web Hosting Promotion

    NEW YORK, July 24, 2014 /PRNewswire/ –

    Web Services provider, ResellerClub has announced a brand new hosting promotion where its resellers can benefit from Free Hosting for the first month on the company’s new server locations – United Kingdom, Hong Kong Turkey. This promotion comes shortly after the company expanded its geo-located hosting offering to Servers in Hong Kong Turkey.

         (Logo: )

    This promotion allows resellers to offer the first month on Personal Hosting, Shared Hosting Reseller Hosting products, for free, with no fine print thereby giving resellers a massive impetus to their marketing efforts.

    Shridhar Luthria, General Manager Business Head of ResellerClub said, “Our new servers have received an incredible response and we have decided to launch this new promotion to give our resellers a taste of Single/Multi Domain Hosting as well as Reseller Hosting on Linux and Windows options on these servers. This will help them address every possible shared hosting requirement and market segment in this business!”

    The company announced that its Geo-located hosting portfolio will be offered on hardware and infrastructure that is identical to the company’s flagship US Servers. As a result, users will experience blazing fast page loads as well as enhanced website performance and better Engine rankings. “This Promotion, will allow our resellers to target leads existing customers that haven’t tried their hosting offering so far with a fantastic one month No-Risk trial at ZERO cost. They can expand their customer base and earn recurring revenue on renewals as well.” added Shridhar,

    For more information about this promotion, please visit the company’s website:

    About ResellerClub:  

    The ResellerClub platform powers some of the World’s most popular Web Hosts, Domain Resellers, Web Designers and Technology Consultants. ResellerClub provides scalable and secure Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Solutions as well as Dedicated Servers, in addition to a comprehensive suite of gTLDs, ccTLDs, new gTLDs and other essential Web Presence Products.

    Current Partners: Over 100,000

    Domains Served: Over 5 Million

    Server Locations: US, United Kingdom, India, Hong Kong, Turkey

    Team Strength: 100+

    Contact: Karthik Balachander,, +91(22)3079-7676 extn: 7791